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Sneha Suresh/Nambiar is the founder of the MindMatters podcast, an uncomfortable but necessary space to have conversations with people from all over the world about life, community and mental health.

They share her story about how music and poetry has helped them to discover inner peace and given her the space to understand their thoughts and emotions.

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My Story

I think music, poetry, art in general are often dismissed as just recreational activities or a pass time at the most. I know a big part of my culture would never acknowledge how much of an impact art could have in our life. But I also know that perception couldn’t be any further from the truth. Personally, art is a HUGE part of my healing journey and wellness as a whole.


My past trauma has manifested into a lot of issues now. I currently live with anxiety, depression, PTSD, complicated grief and sleep paralysis. Music is a big part of me coping with these issues and quite honestly, makes it possible to get out of bed.


One of the main events that changed the course of my life was my brother’s death. Sanjay had a very special relationship with music. And that relationship has helped me deal with my issues too. I turn to music to feel connected to him- the rhythm and beats of all the music help with the crippling thoughts in my head and keep the screams inside at bay.

Look after You

The Fray

The Fray was one of my brother’s favourite bands. He loved this genre of music and made very similar music. I personally love listening to this song because of one line, “I’ll look after you”. That line could easily just summarize my relationship with my big brother. He was always taking care of me, protecting me. Everytime I hear that song, I like to picture Sanjay saying those words. to me. 

All I Need 

Desirée Dawson


This is the song I listen to when I need a reminder that I need to take a step back and breathe, and that my journey here on the beautiful earth isn’t done.


The song is only four lines but it makes so much sense to me and helps me ground myself. 

What I need is all I have
What I have is all I need
Embrace the journey
Quiet endless searching

Another form of art that has had a huge impact in my wellness journey is poetry. Whenever I tried to make sense of the thoughts in my head and write them down, it would always come out in the form of poetry.

It became this needed release of emotions. It was through this I could give a name to the feelings I was having.

Learn to Love


Life can feel so unkind

You find yourself alone in the dark

Breaking apart into a thousand pieces

No one seems to see your broken heart


You find yourself alone in that chaos

You find yourself searching for a light

These are the times we wish we weren't alone

But there are times we need to learn

Being alone doesn't have to hurt


So take the time

Learn to love

Learn to be kind to your heart

Learn to find the light within

Learn to love your own beating heart

Being alone doesn't have to pain

Being alone doesn't have to be a sin

For in this world, in this life

we must find a peace within

A peace that isn't bound

To having someone by our side

But a peace that is bound to our love

For ourselves, which we must find.


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